The PattyO'Rose

The Pattyo'rose includes a variety of all white blooms for a crisp and clean look. You'll  love the elegance that all white gives to your wedding day. 

The Patricia

The Patricia offers a variety of Jewel tone florals with a selection of greenery. This is the perfect color palette for a colorful fall wedding.

The Sarah Rose

The Sarah Rose includes a variety of wild flowers with assorted greenery. Make a wild and beautiful statement with this selection of in season blooms.

The Suzanne

The Suzanne screams romance with this pink color scheme. This collection includes a variety of shades of pink and white blooms with assorted greenery. 

The Susie

The Susie is a bold selection of red and white florals with a variety of greenery dispersed throughout. Make a lovely statement with this elegant color palette.

The Bee

The Bee offers a pop of color for those brides that love a bold statement. This collection includes a variety of yellow and white blooms with assorted greenery. 

The St. Patrick

The St. Patrick offers a lush mix of greenery with bits of white . This collection portrays a natural look that is clean and unique The textured greens and added white make the color pop.

The Lauren

The Lauren is a mix of terracotta, Sand, and Cream colored florals with a variety of greenery. A perfect earthy palette for those looking for a grounded color scheme.

The Beechwood

The Beechwood includes a variety of peach and dusty blue shades of florals with light greenery mixed throughout. This palette is perfect for a couple looking for soft pastel tones to elevate their event.

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